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How to Order Online

At Baby Zone we strive to make your shopping experience as pleasurable and easy as possible.


Once you have found an item you want to purchase, click on the item name or image, and follow the instructions below if you want to order the item directly online. If you prefer to Phone, Fax or Mail your order, select one of the offline ordering methods - by Phone, Email, Cheque etc. option. If you do not want to use a Credit Card, but would still like to use our website, please select an alternative Billing Method in the billing page of the checkout process, we will still receive the order and like wise you will receive a confirmation.


If you go through the checkout process to order, when your order is complete, a page will appear with the details of your order for your records. Once the processing of your order has commenced, you will receive a confirmation email and will be informed of your order progress.


All our customers are given a Customer Number to make ordering easier.

The choices of ordering and billing options that we provide for convenience are:


Order online by Credit Card - for immediate payment and processing. Our site is 128bit encrypted to provide a complete secure gateway for your transaction.


Order online with out Credit Card - this is a fast way to order online, using an alternative payment / billing method other than a ‘real-time’ credit card payment. Phone - talk to one of our customer service staff who will be pleased to take your order and/or credit card details -
Telephone: 02 42 312 900
Fax: your order directly to us - 02 42 312 904
Email: your order directly -


If you are a regular shopper at Baby Zone you may choose to enquire about our VIP Account. You can quote your account details at anytime and we will generate an invoice.

For more information on this billing method please Contact Us


At Baby Zone we accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, and Visa.


Our Website
Our website is highly organised and broken down into highly relevant Categories and Sub-Categories.
For example, click on the preferred Category on the side of the page, then locate the Sub-Category in which you are interested.
Clicking on the product name or the thumbnail image - product image, will bring you to a more detailed page where you will also find relevant information for that item such as availability, details, etc. You can see a larger image of the product by clicking on the enlarge image link to enlarge the image. As you look through the items that are available, you may add items to your shopping cart, remove items and/or change quantities, or go directly through the Check-Out and make a purchase.




You don’t have to register with our site before you make a purchase, but we advise it. This is in order to track your purchases and view the status of each order that you make. There are many benefits to registering with us, the main one is that you can easily login and see your details and order record and history, plus, it helps us serve you better. Once you register, shopping with our store becomes faster. Your details, except your credit card details are safely stored which enables you to speed through the checkout process faster. If you are a returning customer you do not need to register again, you only have to sign in and begin using the website.


Step 1
Select a product or products, the quantity and also select any product options if they are applicable - e.g. large, medium, small.


Step 2
Clicking on the "Add to Cart" button adds the selected item to your electronic shopping trolley. Progress of your cart can be viewed at any time on top of your screen. From this point onwards, you may change the quantities by typing the new amount in the quantity box and clicking on "Save any Changed Quantities". You may remove any items from your cart by clicking on "Remove". You may also continue shopping for more items to be shipped to the same address.


Step 3
Proceed to the checkout by clicking on the "Checkout" button. A progress bar appears on the top of the screen advising what stage of the purchase you are currently completing.
Complete the shipping details for your purchase. You may specify any special delivery instructions e.g. preferred delivery date (Please note that this delivery date cannot be guaranteed, but we endeavour to accommodate where possible).


Step 4
Click on "Shipping Info". Choose your Shipping Method by using the drop down box. Choose how you would like to pay by using the Select Billing Method drop down box. Click on the "Go" button.


Step 5
The next screen will give you instructions based on your preferred billing method. Click on the "Go" button.


Step 6
Review all the items that you have placed in your cart, the options selected for each item and check your billing and delivery details. If everything is correct, click on the "Confirm Order Go" button. Your order details will be shown. You may print this page for your records. You may also bookmark this page to return.
Your order has now been delivered to us and you will shortly receive an email confirmation of the order.


Step 7
If you would like to check the status of your order at any time, log in and click on "Your Account" button.


Baby Zone Gift Voucher If you are lucky enough to receive a Gift Voucher from BabyZone, then you may log in as per your instructions on your voucher to use your credit. You will however need to pay the balance using one of the first two billing options in this list before goods are dispatched. For more information on how to use or purchase a Baby Zone Gift Certificate please Contact Us.


Ordering Offline
If you prefer to order offline, you may view the products online and contact us directly as many of our customers’ do, who use our website as an online catalogue. This will allow you to order without going through the ordering process online.


Should you need further assistance at this point:
1. Please Contact Customer Service
2. Fax Us - 02 42 312 904
3. or Email Us anytime –

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